JTM Fiber

JTM Fiber

We want to bring fiber optic Internet connections to your homes and businesses!

Here's the deal, we are really excited about our plans to bring fiber optic Internet connections to select towns and neighborhoods.

We decided that we will let the people decide where we build based on the demand. In order to determine which areas we will build fiber optic networks in, we need to know you're interested! We also need to know if your neighbors are interested!

Basically, we need to see interest from roughly 20 people or more in a neighborhood and then we'll begin planning construction. So if you want to speed up the process, talk to your neighbors for us and send them here to register!

Fiber Optics

Do You Want Fiber?

Please use the form below to provide us with some basic information and we will follow up with you when planning begins!

why to choose us

We feel there are many great reasons to choose us but here are a few reasons that we really like to focus on.

Best Speed

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding consumer Internet speeds and what you actually get. We are more than happy to educate our customers on how this works while continually delivering the actual speeds we advertise.

installation & setup

We try hard to keep the installation & setup process as easy as possible for the customer. Whether you are getting a fiber optic connection or wireless connection, we will work hard to keep the impact on the customer to a minimum.

24 x 7 Service

When there is a major network outage, we don't wait until normal office hours to begin seeking resolution. Even if it's Christmas Eve, we will work to fix any major disruptions in service. With that being said, we are a family oriented company so we do believe in a healthy work/life balance.